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We manufacture Scanmaster Series High Performance Multi-Zone Security Walk-Through Metal Detectors in Izmir, Turkey. Our products comply with necessary international norms and standards in regards the human exposure to magnetic field, electromagnetic compatibility, interference free operation and effect on magnetic storage media. We are ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Registered Manufacturers and Exporters. Our products are CE Certified and conform to Directives for Machine Safety Regulations. Scanmaster Series Security Walk-Through Metal Detectors perform ultimate detection sensitivity spectrums. Scanmaster WTMDs have 8 Parallel Overlapping Detection Zones and the wide range of adjustable sensitivity feature of 0-999 adjustable sensitivity steps and zone wise distinct Security level programming features provides unmatched programming advantages. Further to above mentioned characteristics, our door frame metal detectors are equipped with USB Port, GRT (Gun Reveal Technology) Wireless Interface Vibrating Gun Alert Function that delivers instant Vibrating Gun Alerts to a Carry on Device for a secondary alarm threshold level which is not seen elsewhere. Security professionals prefer our products where there is Security concern and high performance metal detection Equipment is required for Security screening checkpoint applications. Our unique and up to date technological advances put our agent’s one-step forward in competition. Our innovative technology the GRT (Gun Reveal Technology) Vibrating Carry on Gun Alert Module provides superior usage ease especially for heavy traffic locations like Shopping Malls and Public Transportation. Unlike the conventional metal detectors in the Marketplace, our WTMD Scanmaster/GRT and advanced models provide unique Detection Indications whereby the secondary alarm threshold level provides discriminating the audio-visual alarm indications from Vibrating Gun Alerts. For interference free operation of multiple Scanmaster Walk-Through Metal Detectors, our equipment are equipped with Automatic Frequency Selection Feature which enables the WTMDs to choose their Operation Frequency Channel automatically without manual adjustments. For more through information and commercial discussions based on becoming an agent or Distributor for the Scanmaster Walk-Through Metal Detectors in your country, please contact us.

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8 Eylul Mah. 110/1 Sokak No: 5/1
Kemalpasa, 35730 IZMIR / TURKIYE
P: +90 (232) 382 9502
F: +90 (232) 382 9502
GSM: +90 (532) 051 9070

Mustafa Erdem Oran / Founder
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