Walk-Through Metal Detectors



DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Technology with high-speed processors in use

Ultimate Sensitivity

Scanmaster/GRT+Plus performs ultimate detection sensitivity spectrums.

Alarm Indications

Audio-Visual and Remote Vibration not likely to the conventional metal detectors

Built-in Battery

Built-in Battery Back-Up System for continuous operation of min. 2 hours

USB Port

USB Port on WTMD Keypad to collect statistical info or Machine Cloning


6 Digit IN/REMAIN/OUT Traffic Counters and Alarms count automatically

Date Time

Real Time Date-Time Feature and display on LCD export statistics with time stamp

Access to Settings

Electronic hardware key switch and two level digital password

Export Worldwide

Air worthy packaging for worldwide deliveries


Scanmaster Grt+Plus

About Us

MUSTAFA ERDEM ORAN GUVENLIK SISTEMLERI TICARETI is founded by Mr. Mustafa Erdem ORAN in March 2014 after having served the Security Metal Detection industry over 10 years as a Sales Director at a manufacturing company. Within a year we established our bussiness, we developed a unique High-Performance Walk-Through Metal Detector with many superior features and set up a production plant. We are ISO 9001: 2008 Certified and our product is CE Certified. We tend to offer the most convenient solutions for our clientele at unbeatable costs whilst we ease their efforts to evaluate their requirements and provide perfect support along with professional managerial level communications to guaranteed satisfaction.

We developed the unique Gun Reveal Technology (GRT) application that delivers wireless signals to a carry on device to Operators which provides immediate Vibrating Gun Alert indications for

High Risk Visitors that are passing through the gate with a Gun Size Threat Object. Our WTMD product Scanmaster/GRT use DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Technology and SMD Electronic Components.

Our main focus is to become a well reputed Global Supplier. Accordingly, we are seeking Exclusive Agents Worldwide.

We are the original manufacturers and exporters of our registered brand Scanmaster® Series Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detectors (WTMD). Walk-Through Metal Detectors are being called different names in different parts of the World i.e. Door Frame Metal Detectors in India, Walk-Through Gates in Pakistan and few other countries, Archway Metal Detectors in Bangladesh whilst some others call it as Security Metal Detectors or Concealed Weapons Detection System or so. Main scope of our activities involves manufacturing and exporting High Performance Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detectors. We are the registered Service Centre Facility with the Turkish Standards Institute for our brand security metal detectors as per TS-13429 Rules for Metal Detectors. We did bring into marketplace a unique WTMD Product with unmatched detection sensitivity spectrums and Innovative Technological Advances. We do operate at our ISO 9001: 2008 registered production facilities and run a dense R&D study continuous basis to further develop new superior features and metal detector products. We aim to become one of the main suppliers of our concerns within a few years. Our equipment’s robust design characteristics, excellent packaging, highly reliable electronic design and production concept along with our technical superiorities being offered at unbeatable price levels, offers new heights to our Agents Worldwide

High Performance Multi-Zone Walk Through Metal Detector Scanmaster/GRT Introduction


We are the original manufacturers and exporters of Scanmaster® Series Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detectors (WTMD).


Scanmaster/GRT +Plus Multi-Zone WTMD

High-Performance Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector Scanmaster/GRT +Plus


Scanmaster/GRT Multi-Zone WTMD

High-Performance Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector Scanmaster/GRT


Scanmaster Basic Hand-Held Metal Detetor

High Sensitivity Security Metal Detector for Security Screening Checkpoint Applications with 3 LED Indicators and Vibration Feature..


Innovative Technology

GRT (Gun Reveal Technology) Vibrating Carry-On Gun Alert Module