We are the original manufacturers and exporters of our Scanmaster® Series Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detectors (WTMD).

Mustafa Erdem Oran


We tend to offer our prospective agents worldwide a superior product range that will offer the highest ROI and Price/Performance comparisons available in the marketplace.
We only offer Very High Performance Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detectors (Minimum 8 Overlapping Parallel Detection Zones) with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Technology and high quality SMD Electronics.
- Very High Detection Performance
- Automatic frequency selection feature
- GRT (Gun Reveal Technology) the Innovative Vibrating Carry-On Gun Alert Device in addition to convential metal detector's audio-visual alarm indications
- USB Port for machine cloning and exporting statistics
- Electronic Hardware Key Switch
- BITE (Built-in Test Equipment)
- Operation Status LEDs
- Built-in Battery Back-Up Feature
- Modular Design
- Robust and Elegant Design Characteristics are some of the key features of our highly reliable WTMDs.

Scanmaster Grt+Plus


We deal with exclusive agents worldwide and prefer to co-operate with commercial security products importers and distributors who are experts in their field. As a nature of the Security Business, we always have in stock considerable quantities of Walk-Through Metal Detectors ready for immediate shipments. We have the expertise in arranging prompt shipments worldwide. Should you feel interested in becoming an exclusive agent in your territory, please kindly contact us along with your company profile, full contact details and projections based on distribution of our products in your country.

Scanmaster Grt+Plus


We continuously run a dense Research & Development Program to further develop our current range and to bring into marketplace New Metal Detector Products.
We are certified Service Centre Facility for the Scanmaster Series Walk-Through and Hand-Held Security Metal Detectors as per the TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) TS-13429 Regulations for After Sales Services of Metal Detectors. Our products are being offered with 2 Years Warranty and 10 Years Parts Supply availability.


Scanmaster/GRT +Plus Multi-Zone WTMD

High-Performance Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector Scanmaster/GRT +Plus


Scanmaster/GRT Multi-Zone WTMD

High-Performance Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector Scanmaster/GRT


Scanmaster Basic Hand-Held Metal Detetor

High Sensitivity Security Metal Detector for Security Screening Checkpoint Applications with 3 LED Indicators and Vibration Feature..


Innovative Technology

GRT (Gun Reveal Technology) Vibrating Carry-On Gun Alert Module